Something Vintage

Something Urban and Black Cherry Vintage got together to create a unique look by mixing vintage fashion with current styles. We are so happy with the way these outfits came together. A big thanks and shout out to MGB Photo for the stunning pictures and Crown Beauty Barfor doing the models hair and Makeup. © 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo

© 2013 Mallory Berry, MGB Photo










Rescue not Retail

Something Urban is hosting an off site pet adoption for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter this Saturday from 1:00-3:00!

Thursdays we like to talk about easy and fun ways to recycle.  I don’t like to think of adopting dogs or cats as recycling because they are creatures that just want to be loved.  However by adopting you can make an impact in your area.  You can help stop the overpopulation crisis that leads to extremely crowded animal shelters as well as saving lives!

If you’re like the owner of Something Urban and happen to be particularly fond of a specific breed, you can always find organizations that specialize in that breed’s rescue. She has rescued and fostered many German Shorthaired Pointers. Here is one of her favorite links that is breed specific-  You can adopt puppies or older dogs. Here is a picture of one of her girls hanging out with the foster puppies a couple weeks ago.

FASHION FRIDAY! spring 2013 trends

Hey ladies, from sportswear separates and bermuda shorts to patchwork animal print….this spring is going to be a thriller!  Let us know what you’d like us to bring to YOU at the Urb this spring.  We have started carrying some transition pieces already and each and every week will be adding more goodies to our selection.  Happy Spring!  It’s a time for renewal and refreshment and we cannot wait!!!

Social awareness Wednesday–MLK DAY

We hope that you enjoyed MLK day this week.  We really loved seeing the parade down Dickson street.  People of all ages, races, genders coming together to celebrate the life of a true American Hero.  We were also delighted to have President Obama sworn in on Monday as well.  To think that Martin Luther King, Jr. had to drink from separate water fountains, place food orders at different counters, use separate restroom facilities etc etc blows our mind.

On this social awareness Wedsnesday we hope you reflect on the important work that MLK did for our country.  We have come far, but we have so much more work to do!!!

Smokey Eyes…how to get them!!!

hey ladies, did you enjoy the golden globes this year?  what was UP with jodie foster?  lol.  anyhow we love J Lo here at the urb and her eyes were amazing!  it got us thinking about how fun this trend is.  here is a “how to get smokey eyes” link below to a video starring one of our guilty pleasures….a kardashian!

here’s to your health and beauty on this tuesday!!!


do you know about our new Washington County Animal Shelter?

It’s Wednesday, so we are going to talk about social awareness again!  Our county desparately needed an animal shelter of its’ own!  We finally got one!  So many of the stray pick ups in our area happen in the county and were taken to our city shelter…so many animals….so little room.  Since the shelter has been up and running it has been FULL.  Wonderful that these homeless animals have a safe, wonderful new facility to reside in…but sad that it is already filled to capacity.  Once again, we remind you to spay and neuter your pets and encourage your family and friends to do the same!  Two of our owner’s pets, Scarlett and Natalie, were stray Washington County pick ups…so this shelter is near and dear to our hearts here at the Urb.

Click on the link below to check out the new shelter!!!




Tuesday, Health and Beauty day–let’s talk about the FLU! yuck!

Well it’s winter and we all HATE being sick.  There are some easy ways to prevent getting the dreaded flu, and it is, according to all reports, BAD, this year.  Be sure to stay hydrated and wash your hands LOTS.  Remember, pin pads, shopping carts, door knobs, keyboards, phones…are all DIRTY!  Keep some hand sanitizer nearby and wash wash wash your hands!

Here’s to SPRING!  We are READY!!!